Travertine Pavers in Orlando

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Travertine Pavers Orlando

Travertine pavers are cut from natural stone and are in the same family as limestone. Natural stone paving materials have a special look and are very different from manmade materials. It is one of the best materials for pool paving and outdoor landscaping. Travertine Pavers have been one of the most used building materials since the beginning of modern times. Over the years, travertine has been used by professional designers and has been recommended for many home improvement projects. 

One of the main reasons why travertine is so highly regarded is its versatility. They are available in pre-cut sizes, which many home improvement enthusiasts prefer because they can cut the pavers themselves if needed. Travertine is great for swimming pools, driveways, walkways, and balconies. The pavers can be placed on top of sand, cement, or mortar.

Advantages of Travertine

Travertine pavers come in many styles and various colors. Travertine pavers are created by depositions in hot springs or rivers. Depending on what types of materials are deposited into the water, the color of the natural stone will vary. Travertine colors are available in various tones: caramel, grey, brown, ivory, red, and gold. Natural travertine is also found in shades of rust. The shades of rust can be used in beautiful combinations of yellow, brown, and pink.

For those who want more of a concrete appearance, travertine comes in white and beige. These pavers are very durable and last for many years which is one of the best benefits of installing this natural stone. The colors also do not suffer discoloration and retain their luster even after many years of usage. This stone does not show any signs of efflorescence that are visible in concrete and other such substances. These pavers are a formation of natural materials that have been created over a long period. As a result, the travertine stone has a variety of natural colorations and patterns.

The advantages of travertine pavers include longevity and durability. Travertine comes in many finishes, however, tumbled and brushed pavers are often the most popular among homebuilders and homeowners. These pavers offer tough resistance to all kinds of extreme temperature conditions. Unlike other minerals, travertine tends to stay cool in extreme heat hence it is appropriate for outdoor spaces. 

The tumbling of pavers results in a non-slip surface and which prevents accidents from taking place. In addition to being slip resistant, one of the best features is that it stays cool underneath one’s feet in hot conditions. When you walk barefoot, as usually is the case in a pool area, they will not be hot on your feet. These pavers do not require cement or mortar for setting and can be used easily to make a path through a garden, border the swimming pool, or make a terrace. Travertine tumbled pavers are suitable for pool coping around saltwater pools.